Project Description

Foods Co


Hybrid discount warehouse/full-service grocery store with bakery, deli, meat counter, flowers and more

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Open Every Day
6 AM – 11 PM


No. 8



Meat Department

The meat and seafood department at Oakland’s Foods Co store is full-service with many butchers available to help you select meat and give advice on how to cook different cuts. There are also many prepackaged meats, many with great values. There are signs throughout the department that compare Foods Co prices to other stores.

Meat Department manager Ricardo Martinez’s last job was in the meat department at the Foods Co store in Richmond. His philosophy is to focus on the freshness of the meat and maintaining a high level of customer service.

Foods Co carries Sanderson Farms chicken. Their chicken is 100% natural which means no additives, artificial ingredients or preservatives. They do not use hormones or steroids on their chickens which are cage-free. All the chicken was raised in the United States.

Learn more about Sanderson Farms

Deli/Bakery Department

In addition to freshly sliced meats and cheeses the deli features ready-made sandwiches such as tuna salad, turkey, egg salad and roast beef on wheat or white bread. Salads include macaroni, potato, greek vegetable & feta, seafood cocktail, Shrimp Louie, cole slaw, broccoli, bow-tie pasta and chicken salad.

Whole roasted rotisserie chicken is available as well as barbequed ribs, fried chicken and chicken tenders. Other items in the deli include guacamole, salsas, banana pudding and strawberry yogurt. You can also order party trays and platters from the deli.

Deli & bakery manager Maria Andrade is a Bay Area native and used to work at the Redwood City Foods Co store. Her team includes two cake decorators. You can buy cakes to order or select from the many pre-made cakes including strawberry shortcake. The lovely smell of cookies often greets you at the deli counter since cookies are baked all day long on the premises.

Strawberry shortcake and other delectables


Get freshly sliced cheese at the deli counter

Produce Department

Oakland’s Foods Co store is the first one to have an organic produce section! We started with 23 organic items and are now up to 55 items with plans to add more. Other Foods Co stores in the Bay Area will be following suit. Customers have been appreciative especially since the prices are very competitive.

Rey Benting is the Produce Department Manager. He hails from Salinas which is known as “America’s Salad Bowl” and has worked at other Foods Co stores in the Bay Area. He is proud of the wide selection of produce and wants customers to know that they can always request a new item.


Certified organic options are available


A shopper in the produce department